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 Rover 75 2.0 dizel - Kako skinuti usisnu granu

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PostSubject: Rover 75 2.0 dizel - Kako skinuti usisnu granu   29th February 2012, 10:52 am

Remove the engine cover (3 bolts):

Remove the air intake (2 screws and it slides off) - if yours is unmodified you may have the bellows to deal with as well (another 4 bolts):

Remove the following:

1 - Captive bolts (x8)

2 - Nuts (x4) - you might need a long reach socket for this

3 - Bolt (x1) - be careful not to lose the washer!

4 - Rubber wiring grommet (x1), just pops out

5 - MAP sensor plug (x1) - push the metal clip in and pull the plug down

6 - Bolts (x4) - I have an EGR bypass, so yours may look slightly different, but the bolts the same. You may find it easier to remove the hose (one jubilee clip) for access.

Now to remove, simply pull up. There are 8 (orange) gaskets - they will probably be solid (thanks to the soot) but make sure you don't drop them into the engine!

You might find it doesn't want to move, but it will - it's just years of soot build up holding it in place. Rocking should loosen it, as well as showing you it's not still bolted in!

Haynes recommend replacing the gaskets, but they are ~£10 each (yes, £10 for what is basically an O-Ring of which there are 8!) so I didn't bother.

You should be left with this (minus the tape):

And the inlet manifold itself (you can see where the gaskets would be - I put them out of the way for safe keeping):

Refitting is the reverse of removal - but be careful on the nuts, the bolts they go over and very strong and it's very easy to break the bolt in half!

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Rover 75 2.0 dizel - Kako skinuti usisnu granu
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