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 Rover 75 1.8 - Zamena ulja u menjacu

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PostSubject: Rover 75 1.8 - Zamena ulja u menjacu   29th February 2012, 10:59 am

MG ZT 1.8i 16v 120

here goes this is my method i understand this might not be a text book measure but with the short time allowed its job done.

1. these are the tools you will need

socket set

torx bit set T50 torx bit

a length of garden hose around a metre long



axle stand

suitable funnel

draining tub


before starting work chock the rear wheel on the drivers side on the car safty first!

3. jack the car up and insert a axle stand underneath a suitable part of the chassis rail and lower the jack down till its supported by the stand

4. crawl underneath the front of the car and realease the gearbox draining bolt with a t50 torx bit and rachet.

5. leave it to drain for a good 10 minutes or until theres no more fluid coming out you will see this oil is quite fresh i had to change it after being given the wrong type of oil by some donought at the motor spares shop last week.

6. whilst the oils draining you can crack on getting the filler bolt out you can do this without taking the wheel off if you do it this way

7. now with drain bolt out

8 you can locate the garden hose into the filler hole it should slide in about a inch to 2 inch

run the end of the garden hose above the wheel and attach a suitable funnel for filling.

9. by now the old oil should be drained or as near as so refit the filler bolt

give it a clean before refitting

10. now you can start filling my book said 1.6L of gear oil so a borrowed the wifes measureing jug for this we will keep stum though.

11. Pour into the funnel and allow enough time for it to reach the gearbox after pouring in the desired amount.

12. Replace filler bolt

I was lucky enough to have a sloping drive so whilst the cars on the stand its more or less level. there was no oil come back out after the oil was added i know a few like to fill the box untill there is oil return from the filler hole this is upto you but there are levels stated for a reason so i used the amount stated in the book.

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Rover 75 1.8 - Zamena ulja u menjacu
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